Heading downstairs the morning of the festival, the group overheard a hushed conversation between the barkeep and his wife about someone who had fallen ill. They didn't hear much, but they do know that he's been having a fever, thrashing, and muttering about pie.

After a quick breakfast, the group headed out to enjoy the festival. The group sampled some of the carnival games, including a dunk tank at the church, a test of strength at the Vallaki Guard's booth, and pin the stake on the vampire. Afterward, Lady Mistletoe noticed some of the children eyeing the sweets at the baker's stall and bought each of them a candy apple, at which time one of the kids gave her his Wand of Smiles.

Later in the day, the guard captain found the heroes and escorted them to the Baron's manor for the beginning of the parade. After a short parade through town, the Baron's ceremony was ruined when a sudden outpour of rain prevented him from lighting the wicker ball representing the sun. Tensions ran high as the guard captain accidentally let out a laugh, spurring the Baron's rage.

Before the captain could be punished, Lady Wachter gave a speech, and between her and her followers managed to convince the crowd to revolt against the Baron. Before things could come to blows, the group made impassioned pleas to both the crowd and the Vallaki guards to disarm the situation without any bloodshed.

With Lady Wachter taking up the role of interim Burgomaster of Vallaki the group, now equipped with new equipment and supplies set out to the west, in search of the Werewolves lair, and promising to investigate the issues at the winery.

Along the road, the group came across a tower on the shores of Lake Baratok. Mork managed to dance his way through the tower's lock, and everybody was able to gain entrance to the tower. After a slow ride up on a golem powered elevator, the group discovered that the tower belonged to Rudolph Van Richten, a notorious monster hunter.

After leaving the tower, the group set off once again towards the winery, but before they could reach it, they were ambushed by a pair of men commanding a small force of animated plant creatures. After a short, but frantic battle where Gibbs' spirit guardians and spiritual weapon reduced the majority of the plant creatures to small mounds of sawdust the group once again set off, with the winery firmly in their sights.