After an exciting evening at the Blue Water Inn watching Rictavio perform (And trying to convince him to compose a song about Mork’s exploits), Lady Mistletoe showed the rest of the group the Ireena doll that she got from Blinsky.

Concerned about her safety, they returned for another night at the chapel, where Mork compromised with Ireena by spending the night guarding the door outside her room. In the morning, they set out to find Izek and find out why he commissioned Blinsky to make the doll.

The party went to the Baron’s mansion and confronted Izek. Langolan narrowly escaped a day in the stocks after flaunting the laws and repeatedly saying Strahd’s name, but managed to convince Izek to turn a blind eye in exchange for taking him to Ireena. However, once Izek saw her, he insisted that he had to take her back to the mansion and the party managed to subdue him before he was able to remove Ireena by force.

After they had convinced the Vallaki guard to take Izek into custody and reassured that Ireena would be safe at the church, the group then set out to meet with the mysterious Lady Wachter.

Once inside the Wachterhaus manor, Gibbs detected a fiendish presence hiding in the basement of the mansion. Lady Wachter gave the group permission to search the house and the party quickly descended into the cellar and found Lady Wachter’s “Book Club” in a secret room. Searching the room for the fiendish presence, the party found, and captured, a rat who convinced Mork that he was, in fact, a princess who was turned into a rat by an evil wizard.

The rat convinced Mork to take him outside, where he almost escaped by changing into a raven and flying away, but he was struck down by Lady Mistletoe’s arrow, at which point it was revealed that it was an imp in disguise.

Returning to the Wachterhaus, the party agreed to join forces with Fiona’s revolution and overthrow the Baron during the festival.

With plans set in motion, and time left to kill before the festival the following day, the group decided to investigate the rumors of “The Beast of Mt. Baratok” at the shores of Lake Zarovich. Upon arriving at the lake, they discovered a drunken fisherman attempting to sacrifice a young Vistani girl in hopes of attracting fish.

After rescuing the girl, they decided to take her, and Bluto the fisherman back to the Vistani, where they were rewarded for rescuing her with a pick from the treasure wagon. After choosing a decorative rug with a suspicious bulge in the center, they discovered that not only did they earn a valuable treasure, but also a strange animated doll made of wood and leather, who took a shine to Lady Mistletoe.

After the day’s excitement, the group returned to the Blue Water Inn to rest up before tomorrow’s festival, and whatever else the day brings.