After departing Daggerford with orders from the order, Pepper "Gibbs" Gibbson and Mork Poleman set out to locate the Werewolves lair. Along the road, they met up with Lady Mistletoe, who was trying to locate the portal that the werewolves have been using to travel to the Misty Forest. After discovering that their goals aligned, they decided to work together and set off towards the forest.

Once they arrived in the forest they met up with Langolan van Elfsing, an elven ranger who believed that the werewolves were only the tip of the iceberg and that a vampire was pulling the strings. However, before the group could set out in search, a thick fog swallowed the group, and by the time they managed to find their way out of the mists, they found themselves somewhere else.

Navigating the new forest, our heroes came across a dead body not far before the trail. Before they had a chance to look closely, they heard the howl of wolves cutting through the air.

Mork charged headlong towards the wolves, hoping that they were the Werewolves that he was sent to destroy, however, after a pitched battle it was revealed to be nothing more than a pair of Dire Wolves, with a pack of wolves at their back.

The party decided to make camp and take a rest after their battle. Once the tea was made the mists began to lift and the group discovered that they were only a few hundred feet away from a village!

Upon entering the Village, they found abandoned, dilapidated houses. A raven with blue wingtips seemed to take interest in the party and led them toward the inn, where they met with Ismark, the Burgomaster of the village of Barovia. He told the group that the vampire Strahd has been stalking his sister, Ireena, and asked them to help bring her to the safety of the church in Vallaki, a nearby city.

Leaving Ismark and striking out into the village, they investigated crying and met a woman who told them that Strahd had taken her daughter. The group assured her that they would try to find her daughter and left her house. No sooner had they left, than they met an old lady selling pies. Suspecting something odd, Gibbs cast Detect Magic and investigated the pies.

Gibbs detected a faint aura of enchantment on the pie and discerned that the magic was enhancing the flavor and something else.

Despite Gibbs' unease at the pies, Mork and Lady Mistletoe decided to eat it anyway and found it to be one of the best pies they've ever had in their life. Mork liked the pie so much that he ate the entire thing, licking the pan clean after he'd finished.

Once the pie was eaten, they met back up with Ismark who led them to the mansion to meet his sister, Ireena. Ireena refused to leave for Vallaki until her father was buried, so the group agreed to help carry the late Burgermaster to the church. However, once they arrived at the church they learned that Father Donovich's son, Doru had been turned into a vampire.

Langolan's hatred for vampires was so strong that he couldn't let it survive, and after tearing apart the church to find the entrance to the church's basement, they charged in and attacked! Unfortunately, they discovered they had bitten off more than they could chew, and both Langolan and Lady Mistletoe were knocked unconscious by the vampire. Gibbs and Mork managed to drag their unconscious friends back out of the Undercroft and trap Doru once again.

After resting and recovering from the battle, the group escorted Ismark and Ireena out to the cemetery for the funeral. Once the funeral was over, Strahd appeared and charmed Ireena. He tried to distract the others by summoning up some wolves, but the group made short work of the wolves, and Strahd retreated vowing that he and Tatyana would not be apart for long.

After the battle, the battered and beaten heroes returned to the Burgomaster's mansion to spend the night. Langolan, choosing not to trust the apparent safety of the mansion, found shelter, and a new pet rat in one of the abandoned houses in the village.

The night passed without incident, with Mork and Lady Mistletoe having the most wonderful dreams. They woke the next morning feeling sad and longing for the overwhelming happiness that their dreams brought them. As Langolan rejoined the party, they argued briefly about their next steps but decided that they couldn't leave Doru in the basement of the church. Ismark agreed to help them destroy the vampire as long as they left for Vallaki immediately afterward. Gathering their courage, the party returned to the church, to face the vampire spawn once more.