As the druids began the ritual, the party sprung into action and fought back. As the battle neared an end, Mistletoe climbed up the wicker statue and fished out the gem from within its chest. As soon as she removed it the remaining druids and berserkers tried to flee the hill, but one was struck down by a bolt of lightning, and the last was killed by the party before he could escape.

Having stopped the ritual, they proceeded further up to the peak of the hill to the large tree they saw before. As they approached, they spotted a number of the plant creatures that Mork had named “Road Goblins” hiding amongst the trees. Approaching the large tree, the Road Goblins continued to watch, but keep their distance from the party.

Examining the tree, they discovered a gnarled, twisted tree that oozed something that appeared to be blood. After consulting with his God, Gibbs ascertained that the tree was evil, and the group decided to destroy it. After chopping down the tree, they dug up the roots and burned the tree.

With the druids and blights dealt with, they returned to the winery where the Martikov’s celebrated the return of one of their gems by naming the party “Friends of the Keepers of the Feather”. They explained that they belonged to an ancient organization that has worked against Strahd indirectly for centuries

Davian told them that the Keepers have been tracking two of the artifacts that legend said could be used to defeat Strahd, and they knew that one of them was in the Abbey at Krezk, and another was somewhere in the Ruins of Berez. After the party told him that they were planning on assaulting the werewolf lair, Davian told him that the Keepers kept an eye on the werewolves, and he knew of a secret, back entrance.

Thanking him for his help, the party set off for Krezk to recover the artifact from the Abbey. When they arrived there, the mayor was lost in grief, having just lost his son the day before. Leaving him to mourne, the party made the climb up the mountain to the Abbey, while Mork stayed behind with the horses.

Arriving at the Abbey, they were met by a strange fellow named Otto, who left to get the Abbot for them. As he left, the party noticed that Otto’s feet were doglike. Moving further into the Abbey, they encountered another person with spider mandibles and bat wings who seemed to be completely insane.

Shortly after, they meet the Abbot, who Gibbs discovered was a Celestial in disguise. The Abbot explained that these people came to him for different things, and he would take what he needed from them in exchange. He continued to explain that he was creating a vessel, that once ready, he would put the soul of Tatyana into, so Strahd could be reunited with his love. Once reunited, he explained, Strahd would be happy, and would stop tormenting Barovia.

The party asked the Abbot to stop his work while they tried a different method, to which he agreed, telling them that he would wait a month before he resumed his plan. The Abbot then directed them to the garden, where they found the first artifact; the Tome of Strahd - a memoir of sorts, written by Strahd himself. When the party found the book, Gibbs was able to catch a scrying sensor attempting to spy on the party.

Book in hand, the party set out to find the werewolf den. Gibbs managed to somehow lead the party through the forest, and right to the mouth of the werewolves’ den with ease. They then located the secret entrance, and snuck into the back of the cave. Through a mixture of stealth, and luck they managed to find a number of children locked in cages, and then with a combination of quick thinking, and the sacrifice of Langolan’s pet rat they were able to sneak the children out the back entrance.

They then returned to Krezk with the children, where they arranged for the children to find homes with the villagers in town. Now, on the walls of the city, the party listens to the howls grow louder as the pack approaches.