Leaving the burning remains of the windmill behind them, the party sets out again for Vallaki. Along the road, they meet a Vistani who asks them to get a toy from Blinksy’s toy shop for his niece’s birthday, since Vistani aren’t allowed within the walls of Vallaki. The group agrees and carries on towards Vallaki.

Just before arriving in Vallaki they rescue a man named Vasili von Holtz from a pack of wolves, and he accompanies the party the rest of the way to Vallaki. At the gates, they are separated from Vasili as the guards process them. Once inside Vallaki the group quickly makes their way to the Church of St. Andral. Father Petrovic welcomes Ireena and the orphans into the safety of the church, but he explains to Gibbs that someone has stolen the bones of St. Andral from the crypts below the church. While the group investigated the theft, Mork went to Blinksy’s shop to find a toy for their Vistani friend. Not finding anything to his liking, Mork told Blinksy to make something better, and despite what he was told, agreed to return the following day. Meanwhile, the group was able to discover that Milivoj, the gravedigger was responsible for stealing the bones. Millivoj told the group that the coffin-maker, Henrich Van Der Voort, had hired him to steal the bones. The group agreed that they would go in the morning, and spent an uneventful night sleeping at the church.

The following morning, they traveled to Henrich’s house, and after aggressive knocking, they were let inside the coffin maker’s shop. Once inside, Henrich told them where the bones were, and told the group that a merchant named Vasili von Holtz had visited him and tasked him with getting the bones, promising him increased business and wealth if he did. Henrich warned the group not to go to the storeroom upstairs, and after a brief investigation, Gibbs didn’t see anything in the room.

Convinced that Henrich was harboring vampires, Langolin stormed into the storeroom only to wake the six vampire spawn that were sleeping in crates. Hoping to burn the Vampires, Langolan and Lady Mistletoe hatched a plan to set fire to the shop. Half the vampires escaped out the window into the town square, while the other three remained to attack the party. Lady Mistletoe raced across town to return the bones to the church while meanwhile Mork, Gibbs, and Langolan fought for their lives in the burning building. Eventually, everyone escaped the burning house but not before Gibbs succumbed to his injuries and died on the steps of the shop.

The Dark Powers had other ideas though, and Gibbs was returned to life. The dark powers claimed their price, and in exchange for returning to life, his eyes melted away leaving him with empty sockets and 60’ of magical blindsight.

Now out in the town square, the battle raged full force. Meanwhile, Lady Mistletoe reached the church, and after returning the bones to the crypt the protection of St. Andral was re-established. Back in the town square, the party was joined by a number of Vallaki’s guards, along with two local hunters and a swarm of ravens. Together, everyone was able to bring down the remaining vampire spawn.

After the battle, the guard captain presented Gibbs with his enchanted pike as a gift in exchange for saving his life during the attack. Moments afterward, Baron Vallakovich’s Majordomo arrived and took everyone into custody, leading them to the Baron’s mansion to sort out exactly what happened. At the mansion, the party met with the Baron and his wife, and after a tense conversation, it was decided that the saviors of Vallaki should be part of the festival that the Baron was planning. Baron Vallakovich also asked the group to investigate an evil woman named Lady Wachter.

Leaving the Baron’s mansion, Lady Mistletoe went to Blinsky’s shop to pick up the doll that Mork had ordered. Instead, through some quick thinking, she managed to make off with a doll that was commissioned by the Baron’s henchman Izek that bore a striking resemblance to Ireena, and a music box that featured a dancing Vistani.

Convening at the Inn, our heroes planned their next steps, for as they were quickly learning, there was much to do in Vallaki, and it might not be the safe haven they once thought it would be.